- 2 packs of round puff pastry
- 1 Kg. of mixed minced meat (pork and veal) or any other type of minced meat (chicken, turkey..... etc.)
- Premix Tramenzzini 66701
- Marinata Chef 7200
- Dehydrated carrot q.b.
- Dehydrated onion q.b.
- Dehydrated courgettes to taste
- Gustosì La Boscaiola"
- Cooked ham to taste
- Edam cheese to taste


- We prepare the ground meat base with Premix Tramenzzini 66701 and Marinata Chef 72001.
- Rehydrate the vegetables in water and then squeeze and mix them with the minced meat.
- On a layer of puff pastry spread a thin layer of dough obtained with minced meat and vegetables.
- Cover the dough with the cooked ham and cheese.
- Then cover this base with the other sheet of puff pastry.
- Using a small plate, mark a small circle in the middle of the puff pastry mass.
- Cut from that central circle that we previously marked, as if we had portioned a cake to make 12 equal portions.
- We turn on ourselves the portions that we have cut by making small spirals.
- Once all the spirals have been created, and the preparation will have a "star" shape with the help of a food brush, cover the puff pastry with the Gustosì La Boscaiola.
- Decorate at will with pink pepper or dried food flowers.


For cooking times, follow the instructions of the puff pastry used.
Ideally between 180º and 200º from about 25 to 30 minutes.


ELABORATION TIP: When working with puff pastry we must be careful, not to work with an excessive amount of meat, otherwise there is a risk that it will not be cooked or that it will come out of the dough.


Pagani Chef wishes you a Happy Christmas...
with our naturally good ingredients!

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