This Easter, #IStayAtHome and...


Easter is near and we know that this will really be an alternative holiday to the previous ones... so we have to organize our work in the best way!


We support you with the aim of ensuring your Customers ideal preparations, for a fantastic Sunday lunch!

This year, even more than in previous years, we have to think of a menu made with genuine, healthy, convenient and excellent quality products.


We recommend 4 recipes, easy to make and that will allow you to optimize your precious time ... and they are certainly among the most appreciated by our Customers for:

  • Easy and quick preparation
  • Versatile and naturally healthy products
  • Tasty products suitable for the whole family
  • Added value to your work

1. RIBS:
For those who have the possibility to grill outside their home, for those who have a terrace or garden is ideal: pork ribs marinated with our RUB Line.
Original, Style or Dry all 3 products are ideal for the preparation of pork ribs. From the sweetest flavours to the spiciest one, have fun making tasty Ribs!


Stuffed with vegetables, or ham and mozzarella is a typical dish of our cuisine and we help you to make it in a very short time thanks to our products of the NOVIT or PREMIX lines.
Fine or rustic, choose the breadcrumbs that best suits your Meatloaf, among the products of our BREAD LINE.

Embellish the meatloaf stuffing with our dehydrated fragrant vegetables.



In every region prefers some tastes! And it is plus that we offer: customization.
More or less pepper. More or less fennel, garlic, chilli pepper... Pagani Chef allows you to make your typical sausage according to your taste.
Discover our range of SPICES & MIXES to enrich your preparations with taste!



Lamb loin with bacon, stuffed with minced meat flavoured with our GRILL Line: a combination of herbs, spices and salt to sprinkle on the meat to enhance its colour and flavour.

Try seasoning the lamb also with our DECOR Line: the best herbs and the most fragrant spices combined to make each dish unique!


Pagani Chef reminds you that these products are recommended, but not the only ones for your preparations. We have ingredients for every type (and cuts) of meat or fish!


...Happy Easter and don't forget to post your creations on our Facebook page @PaganiChef !

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