Breading and Fried Foods

We wrap your preparations with an outflow of taste that you will not forget. From the crunchy to the crumbly, our line Breading and Frying can be used in any type of preparation, be it meat or fish.

Breading remains bonded to the compound before and after cooking.

Exclusively for your preparation, Fratelli Pagani S. p. A. offers a genuine and high-quality range of bread, breadcrumbs and batter in order to brown your preparations.


Our 0.5 Kg, 1 Kg and 10kg packs are ideal for any final use, from small productions to larger ones. The Pagani Breading and Frying line, with excellent performances and preservation, is designed to make your fried food incredibly crisp. Suitable for any type of cooking, we recommend using our breading also for light cooking: in the oven, in a pan or on the plate.